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Local experts assist HAJDU exports

2013. march 27

HAJDU Hajdúsági Ipari Zrt. has reorganized its commercial activities in Germany and France by employing local experts. István Novotni, the company’s CEO, said that exceptional and experienced professionals were headhunted by an international recruitment firm, and as such the CEO considered export growth to be guaranteed this year as well. He added that the company had no reason for complaint because exports increased by approximately 7% in 2012, and within this the expansion in products utilizing renewable energy – such as buffer tanks, indirect storage tanks, hot water storage tanks with heat pump and heat pumps – the increase was more than 10%.  Currently, HAJDU supplies products to around 23 countries. Besides the traditional West European markets, Romanian, Polish and Slovenian partners account for an increasing share of exports; furthermore, significant quantities of HAJDU products are shipped to the Middle East, Africa and Thailand. István Novotni went on to say that growth eastwards had also been initiated: their products are now marketed in Uzbekistan and Belarus, and in Russia not only in Moscow and the surroundings but in the regions, too, for instance St. Petersburg and Krasnoyarsk.