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    HAJDU is ready for changes in legal regulations, and it constantly helps ensure customers are better informed.

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Solar collectors, buffer tanks, boilers

Manufacture, distribution, service

HAJDU Hajdúsági Ipari Zrt. manufactures and sells hot water tanks, water heaters, solar collectors, washing-machines and spin dryers.

We satisfy demands of our customers by providing modern, reliable household goods, which are environment-friendly and are of good quality. HAJDU is the natural supporter of the family households.

HAJDU hőszivattyús forróvíztárolók

HAJDU Heat pump storage water heater

Hungarian Quality Product Award in 2015
For types HB300 basic, HB300C with lower heat exchanger coil, HB300C1 with upper heat exchanger coil

HAJDU Puffertartály

HAJDU Buffer tanks

This product family won the Hungarian Quality Product Award in 2010!

energiatakarékos és környezetbarát Energy-saving and environment friendly renewable energy source

megújuló energiaforrások

21st Century is the era of energy-saving and energy-efficiency as well as of increasing utilization of environment-friendly renewable energy sources.

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