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    HAJDU is ready for changes in legal regulations, and it constantly helps ensure customers are better informed.

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FAQ Tips, shopping hints

Tips, shopping hints

  • Is it possible to operate gas-fired hot water tanks with PB-gas?

    The gas-fired hot water tanks, made by HAJDU, work only with natural gas.

  • Can the vertically mountable hot water tanks be arranged also horizontally? If not, why?

    They can not be arranged horizontally, because their configuration built up only for vertical operation.

  • Is it possible to buy different right- and left-hand configuration of the horizontally mountable hot water tanks?

    The horizontally mountable hot water tanks are designed as left-hand configuration, but turning the mounting boss 180 degree, you can arrange them as right-hand configuration.

  • Can the free outflow system water heaters be assembled with different tap systems?

    No, they can not. They have special mixing tap. If you assemble them with different tap, it can cause damage of the appliance and you will loose guarantee.

  • Is it allowed to assemble the free outflow system water heaters in the opposite direction?

    No, it is not allowed. They can not be arranged in the opposite direction, because their configuration built up only for one angle.

 Shopping hints of HAJDU
  • Size and shape. Before purchasing an appliance, measure the accessible area. In the case of smaller rooms consider the area necessary for opening the door. Knowing the right size can help you to limit the range of choices.
  • Calculate how much the appliance of your choice consumes, according to the technical data sheet. Supposing a ten-year lifetime for a household appliance, serious money can be saved by the monthly accounts (120 months). So, taking the long view, it pays off to buy a more energy-saving appliance with a relatively higher price than a cheaper one with greater consumption.
  • Do not buy products of uncertain origin with no papers.
  • Compare the parameters of different products belonging to the same category. HAJDU offers long-lasting, energy-saving products on an advantageous price.