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  • Increasing competition, better informed customers

    HAJDU is ready for changes in legal regulations, and it constantly helps ensure customers are better informed.

  • hírek, aktualitások, információk

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Our philosophy

HAJDU Hajdúsági Ipari Zrt. satisfies the demands of customers by providing modern, reliable household goods, which are environment-friendly and are of good quality. HAJDU is the natural supporter of the family households.
HAJDU Hajdúsági Ipari Zrt.Our goal is to apply the HAJDU name as a respectable and well-known regional brand, and to come up to the expectations of our constant HAJDU-clients in Europe. We consider the good quality, excellent reliability as the most important feature of our products approved by the households,. The greatest assets of our services are the large and assured servicing network and the spare parts supply. Our company takes it as first priority to protect the natural environment, and to minimize the pressure placed onto the environment. We are going to strengthen these features in the future, and on behalf of this we operate quality management and ennvironment management systems certified according to the regulations of the international specific industrial standards.
The packaging of our products comply with the environmental requirements determined by the relative EU guidelines.
The elements of our company philosophy:

  • satisfying the demands of our customers on the highest level,
  • assuring an abiding, excellent quality,
  • permanent development of our products and technology,
  • protection of the environment, economical use of the environmental elements,
  • appreciation and utilization of knowledge and education
  • involving our employees into the developing and executing processes.

We want to keep and develop the excellent quality; in accordance with this we take part in annual system audits (SGS). Also various national and foreign authorities that are accredited to approve products (MEEI, MBVTI, VDE, LCIE, BEAB, etc.) make regular, at least annual field examinations in production controlling and take measurements at our base.



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